Lenovo G50-30 wont turn on, won’t power on, no display, black screen problems

Laptop Lenovo G50-30 won’t turn on, won’t power on, there is no display, just a black screen. This is a general diagnostic and repair steps to fix those problems.

Troubleshooting laptop Lenovo G50-30 won’t boot, won’t power on, no display just black screen

When you push on the Power Button the Power led lights ON or NOT, your Lenovo G50-30 won’t start up, and there is no display just a black screen. Possible problem and the fixes steps:

Battery has no charge left with AC adapter failed; you press the power button on laptop Lenovo G50-30 nothing happens, laptop won’t turns on and there is no display, the battery has no charge left, the motherboard doesn’t receive any power, laptop cannot turn on. You plug in the AC adapter but that doesn’t help, your laptop Lenovo G50-30 still won’t power on, there is a chance you have failed AC adapter. In this case try with another charger or check AC adapter with a Multimeter. If it’s dead, replaced with a new one, (How to check AC adapter with Multimeter).

Power circuit in wrong state or Over volt protection trips; you press the power button but nothing happens, laptop Lenovo G50-30 won’t turns on and there is no display just a black screen (AC adapter is OK), your laptop has static electric charge made power circuit in wrong state. Unplug AC adapter, take out the battery and hold down power button for 30 seconds, the static charge will dissipate. Plug in the AC Adapter and turn on your laptop Lenovo G50-30. This should restore the system to normal operating mode.

Screen faulty or bad video cable connection; laptop Lenovo G50-30 turns on, but screen is black, with Power led lights ON. Test the laptop with an external monitor connected to the HDMI port, VGA port or any Display port, press the appropriate key to switch to it (Fn key + F4 key in most laptop). If the external monitor works fine and load the operation system, most likely you have a faulty screen or bad video cable connection. Check them and replace the faulty one.

Power button failed; When you plus in the AC adapter the charge led lights on, (and there is no static charge), but laptop won’t turn on when you press the power button. Probably you have a Power button failure. Disassemble the laptop and with Multimeter test Lenovo G50-30 power button (ON/OFF) Continuity, if there is no continuity when you push on the power button. The Power button has to be repaired or replaced; you can also try to short the power button borne with conductor wire to see if laptop turns on, (How to Test Power Button).

Hardware failure; the laptop powers on, but there is no display just black screen with Power led lights ON or your laptop Lenovo G50-30 stock on logo or restart. In this case, it’s possible one of the Hardware failed. You can try to disassemble the laptop to bare minimum and try to reseat the hardware one by one and power on the laptop every time you reseat a hardware to know the failed one, replace the faulty hardware,

Some electronics components or chipset on the motherboard failed; Laptop Lenovo G50-30 won’t turn on at all. Disassemble the laptop and take out the motherboard. With a Multimeter check electronics components continuity, Voltage and Chipset temperature, you will need an electronic Schematic Diagram for Laptop Lenovo G50-30. The failed electronic component has to be replaced, (How to test Laptop Power System).

(Electronics components failure will be updated in comments).

BIOS failed; Laptop Lenovo G50-30 won’t turn on at all, if the Power System and electronics components on the motherboard are good, there is chance you have failed BIOS, reprogram or replace the BIOS chip (How to reprogram (Flash). Laptop BIOS).

Motherboard dead; The Lenovo G50-30 motherboard has to be replaced.

For other Lenovo G50-30 problems write a comment.


9 thoughts on “Lenovo G50-30 wont turn on, won’t power on, no display, black screen problems

  1. Collins Lawrence

    Hello, my name is Collins Lawrence frm Uganda.
    I bought Lenovo laptop mode G50-30. it’s one month out of warranty hut all ports are non functional.
    The technician frm the shop where I bought it is telling me that it’s the problem with the motherboard. he has installed Windows 10 but I bought with Windows 8.1.

    Am confused because the computer can be powered on, en it opens. I had thought its the problem with drivers but the technician says It’s motherboard problem.

    that I need to buy a motherboard. May I be helped without buying the motherboard?

  2. helppard

    replace the motherboard is the last choice, first install drivers, if doesn’t help check bios setting.

  3. helppard

    Boot into the BIOS via the UEFI Firmware Settings or by pressing the OneKey Recovery button (while the computer is turned off).
    Lenovo G50-30 oneKey Recovery button
    Wait for the BIOS screen to appear. Find the factory reset option.
    Select the option or press the button to load your factory defaults.
    Save your changes and confirm your selection if necessary.

  4. Collins Lawrence

    Hello, lapton opens, but every time there is a notification that


    Please help. does this require me to buy a new mother board?

    More so, I can not see Lenovo onekey recovery button… plz help..

  5. Collins Lawrence

    But the technician insists that the problem is on the motherboard. And he says I have to buy a new motherboard.

    Can a laptop power on if it has a faulty motherboard?

    Plz help


  6. Solved Problem

    Hi Friends,
    many times when you solder a new ITe ec and try to program it with svod(with correct pinout downloaded), we get a message “ITE series not detected”. This is very common issue while replacing Lenovo G50 series with NM-A311/271/282 etc motherboards.


    You just need to trigger the motherboard once(means press power switch once) after connecting with svod and after doing setup,connecting adaper and gnd. In otherwords you need to press power switch once after doing all whatever is required to program ec.

    Learnt it the hard way after replacing 3 IT8586E ec on Lenovo NM-A311 mb and getting same error on svod-ITE series not detected.

    Hope it helps someone

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