How to Troubleshooting message Error 0200: Failure Fix Disk 0

If your laptop won’t start up and you got the error message 0200: Failure Fix Disk 0, here is a repair steps may help you fix this problem.

Error message

PhoenixBios xxxxxxxxxx
Copyright 19xx-20xx Phoenix Technologies
All rights reserved
Model name: xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
BIOS Version: xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
CPU =xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
640K System RAM Passed
1918M Extended RAM Passed
512 KB L2 Cache
System BIOS Shadowed
Video BIOS Shadowed
Fixed Disk 0: ST9q2p8r1A“““““““
Mouse initalized
0200: Failure Fix Disk 0″
Press F1 to resume boot or F2 to setup.

The message appears when the laptop doesn’t see a functional hard drive.

It’s possible that the hard drive dislodged from its connector or the hard drive is corrupt and needs to be replaced.

To fix this problem; First turn it off, open the bay, pull the old drive out and put it back in. then turn on the laptop, if it still complains, turn it off, put in a new hard drive and turn on the laptop. if you still get the fixed disk failure message then the mainboard or some other component is damaged.

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