The IC and the chips on the laptop motherboard

System power supply chips:

MAX1632* MAX1631* MAX1904* MAX1634* MAX785* MAX786* SB3052* SC1402* LTC1628

CPU power supply chips:

MAX1711* MAX1714* MAX1717* MAX1718* MAX1897

Charge chips:

MAX1645* MAX745* MAX1772* MAX1773* ADP3806* TC490/591* MB3887* MB3878* LT1505G

Input / output chipset:

PC97338* PC87391* PC87392* pc87393* SMSC Series: FDC7N869* FDC37N958* LPC47N227* LPC47N267

Linear regulator chip:

TM87XX* LP2951* M5236
IBM: TB6805F TB6806F TB6808F TB62501F TMP48U
Toshiba: TM87XX* TB6805F* TB6806F* TB6808F* TB62501F* TMP48U

LAN card chips:

LF8423* LF-H80P* H-0023* H0024* H0019* ATPL-119

RTL8100 RTL8139 Intel DA82562 RC82540 3COM BCM440

Sound card Chip:

ESS1921* ESS1980S* STAC9704* AU8810 *4299-JQ* TPA0202 *4297-JQ* 8552TS* 8542TS* CS4239-KQ* BA7786* AD1981B* AN12942

PC Card Chip:

R5C551* R5C552* R5C476* R54472

PC Card power chip:

TPS2205* TPS2206* TPS2216* TPS2211* PU2211* M2562A* M2563A* M2564A

COM port chip:

MAX3243* MAX213* ADM213* HIN213* SP3243* MC145583
H8C/2471 H8/3434 H8/3431 PC87570 PC87591 Keyboard chip: H8C/2471* H8/3434* H8/3431* PC87570* PC87591

Keyboard chip:

H8/3434* H8/3437* H8/2147* H8/2149* H8/2161* H8/2168* PC87570* PC87591* H8S/XXX M38857* M38867* M38869

CPU temperature control chip:

MAX1617* MAX1020A* AD1030A* CM8500

Graphics cards chipset:


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