The best laptop

As a technician in the repair of laptops. My friends and my clients ask me often what is the best laptop. Although the question seems simple, but the answer is not so.

Criteria to determine the best laptop vary according to the purpose for which you buy a laptop for. There are workstations laptop, laptop for gaming, laptop for graphics design and etc. But I would say that the best laptop is a laptop that does not fall ill disrepair. Because, No one likes his laptop shutdown while he working. or finds a scratch or crack in his laptop after traveling through the crowd. or go to job and finds his laptop does not turning on.

So, what is the best laptop or what the laptop that does not get to malfunction.

Although there are many laptops brands. Most laptop can be similar in terms of features as speed of CPU or GPU or hard drive size or other characteristic. In order to determine the best laptop, we must know what they are failure that infect laptop, and that can be avoided when buying. the faikure that infect laptop can divide into the cultivars: the mechanical failures and the electronic failures.

Mechanical failures in laptops:

  • first failure, dirty CPU heatsink. for that, the Best laptop that has easy access to the CPU heatsink for cleaning.
  • dust-fan
  • second failure, a break in laptop hinge. for that, the Best laptop which has a solid structure and bears repeated opening and closing.
  • a-break-in-laptop-hinge1
  • USB port failure. It is better to buy a laptop with three USB ports, or more.
  • usb_port
  • Screen broken. Best laptop that has a solid structure, that bear the unintentional pressure from the outside.
  • suwanee-computer-repair-lcd

Electronic failures in laptops:

These failure are hard to identify before you get the laptop to malfunction.

For this focus on the technical features of the computer to buy the best laptop, as CPU and GPU speed, RAM and hard disk size, classification of the laptop, the support provided by the manufacturer and what you buy the laptop for.

Good luck in paying the best laptop.

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