How to replace Laptop processor

The Procesor (CPU) is the brains of the computer where most calculations take place. The laptop processor are small and square and contain multiple metallic connectors or pins on the underside. The CPU is inserted directly into a CPU socket, pin side down, on the motherboard.
Each motherboard will support only a specific type (or range) of processor, so you must check the motherboard manufacturer’s specifications before attempting to replace your laptop processor. laptop processor have an attached heat sink and small fan that go directly on top of the CPU to help dissipate heat.

Disclaimer: Please follow the below at your discretion, as we will not take any responsibility for problems encountered or any damage that could occur. This may also void your warranty. You replace laptop processor at your own risk,
  • step 1: Laptop designs vary, but disassembly laptop usually begins with removing the back cover, remove the screws. As you proceed, keep each set of screws safe and separate, making a note of where they fit. Next, pull out the hard drive and the optical drive; Avoid excessive force, as pulling too hard can break the plastic parts.


  • Step 2: Detach the keyboard by take out the screws beneath the hinge cover that secure it, lift it off, and then unplugg the connector. On some laptop, simple latches allow you to remove the keyboard.
  • Step 4 : Remove the upper shell by taking the screws holding it out of the bottom of the laptop. As you lift the upper shell off of the laptop, make certain that no part of it is still attached to the bottom of the case or to the motherboard. If it feels like you have to force it, that probably means either a screw is still in place or a clip remains to be unsnapped.
  • Step 3: Sometime to have access to CPU, you have to remove the screen assembly (the entire apparatus of thedisplay) by taking out the screws on the bottom and back of the portable, and unplugging the display and Wi-Fi antenna cables.
  • Step 5: Remove the screws to get the heat sink off and to expose the CPU itself, held in its socket by a single locking screw.


  • Step 6: Turn the CPU socket’s locking screw counterclockwise until it stops, and lift the CPU straight up and out of the laptop. Drop the new CPU in, but don’t push it (if it looks as though it needs a push, it isn’t aligned properly). Turn the screw clockwise to lock it.


  • Step 7: Prepare the heat sink anew: Remove of the old thermal compound (silver-gray gunk) by wiping the heat sink with 99 percent isopropyl alcohol and a lint-free rag. If you bought a used CPU, it may be covered with this goop, too, so clean it off as well. When it’s dry, reapply a paper-thin layer of thermal paste to the top of the CPU, spreading it evenly with a business card.


Clean up any excess paste and replace the heat sink. Reassemble the laptop and turn it on.
good luck.

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