How to Repair Laptop Graphic Chip Failure

When your laptop turn on but screen shows you no display, black screen, horizontal lines, vertical lines, or creating dots on the screen that mean you having a laptop with a faulty graphic chipset. This problem can occur with any graphic chip based laptop either you have Intel, AMD or Nvidia graphic card and caused by faulty heatsink airflow.

The Graphic chip soldered on the laptop’s motherboard, when you run your laptop for a long time with bad airflow in heatsink, that graphic chip solder got starts to separate from the motherboard and that cause video failure. The graphic chip repair by reflow graphic chip soldering, reflow means providing particular heat on the graphic chip to melt the solder and re-joint itself to the moatherboard and that will fix the problem.

Disclaimer: Please follow the below at your discretion, as we will not take any responsibility for problems encountered or any damage that could occur. This may also void your warranty. You are repair graphic chip at your own risk, this is general information.

  • Step 1: disassembly your laptop and take out your motherboard from the laptop’s case. to disassemble your laptop in a right way, make search on internet how to disassemble your laptop.
  • Step 2: Put your laptop’s motherboard on a repair table and start covering your the motherboard by the use of foil paper and leave the graphic chip out.
  • step 3: Power on the heat gun and set the temperature at 300 C° with the low air pressure (Make sure you’ve set the air pressure low; if you don’t then the heat gun will blow all the small components off from the GPU chip) and preheat the gun for about 30sec. After that provide the heat on the graphic chip at the distance between 1 to 2 inches for 40 second with rotate the heat gun clockwise and anti-clockwise while proving the heat gun to the Graphic chip, don’t hold it still.
  • Leave the motherboard to cool, then assemble back your laptop and check it.

Video How to Repair laptop Card Graphic (Example HP Compaq Persario F700 )

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